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The trip of our brand began 5 years ago, without looking for a specific destination, we just were following our creative impulses. We started in a mobile laboratory, very small, we wanted to capture the aroma of those fleeting moments that are lived in the Caribbean, intense loves, vivid colors, adventures in lands where magic is real, and Yemanya coming out of the sea to sing at night. We wanted to capture the intensity of a summer love, that lover who will never be forgotten, the always vivid memory of unique kisses and the sweet taste of fresh fruits.

Every day we find epic stories and stories of romance, but in truth what captivates the Caribbean is an intangible quality that cannot be visualized, which cannot be captured physically, how is a memory captured?

Sometimes it is simply a matter of treasuring memories and creating magical keys that can transport us in time to specific places and moments,... and that became the mission of our company...

A few months ago we sat down to review our goals and visions, did we wanted to continue the path of pure cosmetics creating another perfume, another beautiful product, another aroma? The answer was No. We are artists, we want to express with art the magic of the place, the lust of the tropical forest, and capture the aroma of the island.

We did venture on a journey that nobody made, to capture the aromas of local flora, but we wanted to do a research with scientific rigor and transmit it with the passion of art, and we could say that everything started there, is a new beginning.

Dominican Perfumes has become a sophisticated olfactory library where the protagonism is the local flora as scents of as flavors. We decided to join forces, unite houses and brands. By Maria Magdalena until now has been a brand in itself, we created it as a space where art was the protagonist, and to capture the cultural and sociological expressions of the Caribbean, now more than ever, we believe our mission is the same, to capture and share the love for this island. 

Here we are, in a new beginning where we welcome you to our universe. Say yes to adventures, yes to discover new lands, yes to be free, yes to reinvent yourself. You will never be the same.

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