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Cigar soul opens with fresh notes and herbals, the heart is composed of spaced notes and tropical woods, a soft Sandalo base is enriched with coriander and Choya oil. The wicked freshness you feel when you are surrounded by the tropical forest while holding a rolled tobacco to smoke it later in the day took over and became the main element as a fresh body mixed with deeper hidden wood aromas and a spicy background.

It does not matter the smoke, the lights or the fire. It's not about the ritual or spirit that rejoices while watches. It's not about the dance of the steaming, or the grace of the drawn lines in the air. It's about the fresh scent of the leaves, and the silent story that they tell when gracefully rests on the drying house, it's about the sensuality of old wood housing the harvest and bold flowers from the outside that decided to seduce men.

Extract from the Book of Caribbean Lost stories: 

...."I saw him sitting in the shade of the tree, his skin looked so cinnamon, but it never became chocolate. Maybe his blood came with sunshine. I sat alone to look at him while he cut the leaves, and the green scent permeated his white shirt.

My white linen dress floated in the wind, with lace that I brought from Europe I made a bow in my hair.

No one more different than the two of us, and yet so much love ... he was a plantation worker and I was not from these lands, I came from afar, crossing the immense sea, from other dreams... so many days passed and here we continue, still together, so much love..."