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Ancient Rituals and Sea Spells for a Magical Life

Ancient Rituals and Sea Spells for a Magical Life

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The Caribbean islands, for centuries had been covered in a mist of whimsical charm and magic flair, it might be the always in movement creative energy of the universe flowing through the forest, the sea waves, the loving sun. As humans we have the ability to influence the creative flow around us through our intentions. 

To view the world’s tangible magic comes from knowledge, my journey as a perfumer started many years ago when I was traveling around the island researching ancient African rituals and its breathtaking aesthetics. 

Far from being voodoo or wicikawhick magic, this rituals are simple yet beautiful traditions that had been passed trough generations, as a way to enhance prayers from all religions cohabiting the island. Come to discover the scented rituals used to infuse prayers, learn how to build your own temple of grace and how to communicate your good intention to the universe to materialize it to the world. 

The price of the workshop includes all materials and educational content.  

Please note that this workshop is given by a perfumer and the the rituals had been study and documented but we do not held any magic claims, we are witnesses sharing our discoverings.