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Roses Scents and Flavors Workshop

Roses Scents and Flavors Workshop

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Our Rose workshop is  a curated selection of scents and flavors. As a perfumer with Arabian heritage I wanted to introduce you to my childhood memories, where the flowers were more than an decorative element and were part of our family traditions.  

In this workshop you will have the chance to experience Attars, floral delights, and the unexpected and rare find of the Bayahibe Rose. Roses  because an universal botanical, but here in the Dominican Republic they have an special twist and we want to make it available for all perfume lovers, and the curious minds. 

The workshop is divided in 3 segments, the price is per person, we will provide you with all the materials for this workshop, from essential oils to flavor samples,  including Botanical cards, history booklet, scents samples, and a very fun hands on segment where you we will make your very own custom scent and complimentary products. 

 Extract from the Book of Caribbean Lost stories: 

... ”We were about to get on the ship, that day we would go through pirates, coves, mangroves. The trip was fast, we crossed the sea and arrived at another island, almost on the shore we found a lake with pink flamingos but its banks were dry. I didn't want to keep looking, I wanted to jump into the water, and see the starfish. There is a magical question in the encounter with wildlife, open our minds and hearts abandons any armor. It is pure love.

A photographer came with me, we wanted to take pictures of my perfumes, I looked at the banks of the mangrove but we simply wanted to jump into the water, we returned to the town of Bayhibe, the cannons of other times are still there, gently rusty, silently protecting its inhabitants. I had the keys of my car in my hands, but I put them back and went for a walk through the Ojos de Agua ... it was there when I saw her for the first time, the rose of Bayahibe ”…