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Dominican Scents workshop

Dominican Scents workshop

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Start a new adventure, a new exploratory journey through the senses, we invite you to discover with us the poetics of smell and taste. The workshop that we present today, needed a whole year to be designed, due to the complexity of the project.

The sense of taste is a fundamental part of our lives, despite being rich in art and mysteries, we generally take it for granted. The smell is the most evocative of our senses, but it is abstract and elusive, it transports us to old memories, but do we allow ourselves to get carried away? Are we able to start the adventure and discover new pleasures through smell?

The sense of smell and taste are intrinsically related, they are a sacred marriage, in our workshops all the senses come together to create an experience that will change your way of seeing the world.

Perfumery, flavor and art in an odyssey that starts here, exploring the island's botanical products and their cultural influences in a colorful workshop where we will taste refined local flavors, smell its botanical in a way that never has done before, and experience creative techniques of fine arts.

The price is per person, all materials and a tuition included. The workshop is done in our creative studio in Juan Dolio, send us a message if you will like to experience it in the beach or you or you have your own location.

Join us and discover the scents of the flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic.